iTunes Store Best of 2013 Highlights Music, Apps, More

Apple's annual Best Of lists for the iTunes Store and App Store are out, and as usual the company has cobbled together the best selling and most popular songs, movies, apps, ebooks, and podcasts all in one place. The top iPhone app of the year was the language learning app Duolingo, the top musical artist was Justin Timberlake, and the top song of the year was Royals from Lorde.

iTunes Best of 2013

The top iPad app was Disney Animated, which gives behind the scenes information on how the studio makes its animated features. Apple put together several lists that show just how popular some apps, games, and music happened to be in 2013.

Top Five Paid iPhone Apps

Doulingo for the iPhoneDoulingo for the iPhone

Top Five Free iPhone Apps

Apple calls Justin Timberlake top artist of the yearApple calls Justin Timberlake top artist of the year

The best movie of the year was Gravity, and the best TV show was Breaking Bad. In books, Tenth of December by George Saunders was the top title, and Bill Bryson's One Summer took the second place spot.

Even though Apple isn't doing much to help podcasters make their shows, they still offer the go-to place to find what you're interested in. This year, that included AsapScience, The Adam and Dr. Drew Show, and for video podcasts, MSNBC Rachel Maddow, and Stuff You Should Know.

Apple listed plenty more and it's all available through the iTunes and the iTunes Store.