iTunes Store Highlights 10 Years of iTunes

Apple launched a special iTunes Store area on Wednesday called "A Decade of iTunes" to celebrate the ten year anniversary of its online music store. The iTunes Store first launched as the iTunes Music Store on April 28, 2003, and the special tribute store points out highlights from every year it's been up and running.

Apple's Apple's "A Decade of iTunes" anniversary in the iTunes Store

The tribute uses a timeline layout to highlight key moments in the iTunes Store history, popular songs and albums, and more. For example, the iTunes Store launched the same day Apple released the third generation iPod which could hold 7,500 of the 200,000 songs available on the store. By December 15, Apple had already sold 25 million songs.

The iTunes Store eventually grew to include TV show, video, and movie downloads, app sales for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, ebook sales, and online courses for schools. As of January 7, 40 billion apps had been downloaded and on February 6, 25 billion songs had been purchased.

You can check out Apple's iTunes ten year anniversary at the iTunes Store.