iTunes 9.0.2 Disables Palm Pre Sync

iTunes 9.0.2 disables Palm Pre synching yet again, according to a report from pre| Apple and Palm have been involved in a back and forth tussle for months, with Palm using spoofing techniques to trick iTunes into recognizing the device for syncing, and Apple releasing iTunes updates that break each of Palm's latest efforts.

The site wrote, "Here we go again. Apple has updated iTunes to version 9.0.2 and Palm Pre sync is dead again using webOS 1.2.1, despite Palm's Hurculean efforts to spoof nearly every aspect of USB identification known to mankind. As with previous breakages, iTunes does launch when you connect a Pre with Media Mode, but it doesn't appear as a device on the sidebar."

Apple released iTunes 9.0.2 on Thursday, an update whose stated purpose was to add support for Apple TV 3.0.