iTunes 9.0.2: Return of the Dark Grid

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The album grid view in iTunes is a popular way for many people to browse their music library, but the white background that iTunes 9 introduced hasn't been going over so well. Apple listened, and iTunes 9.0.2 added an option to reenable the dark grey grid background.

iTunes 9's default white grid background.

To change the background color for the grid view in iTunes 9.0.2, do this:

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Go to iTunes > Preferences.
  • Select the General tab.

iTunes 9.0.2 Grid View color option.

  • Now choose Dark from the Grid View pop-up menu.
  • Click OK.

The grey grid background restored.

Adding in an option to use the old-style darker background in grid view will be a welcome addition for many iTunes users because the white background is just too harsh for some people's eyes.

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You mean people actually use this view??? Amazing! the only view I care to use is the column view. It allows me to quickly isolate what I want by several criteria. And this view is the lamest of the bunch for me…

I still think Apple only took out the dark, and added it back so quickly simply to foil the folks at Palm. If they start doing things like this regularly, we will know that this is their true reason…


Malcolm Redfellow

More to the point, has something been done to the viewing of cover artwork?

Because, since I upgraded to 9.0.2 I cannot get new images to insert or display.

Is it just me?


tq for the tutorial.

thank you apple for bringing back the dark background view into itunes 9.02.25

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