iTunes 9: Sharing with Twitter and Facebook

iTunes 9 took a step towards the world of social networking by adding Twitter and Facebook integration. It isn't an in-your-face feature, and it's an easy way to let your friends know about music you think they might be interested in.

The new Twitter and Facebook integration is limited to sharing contents from the iTunes Store, so you won't be able to use the feature to automatically tweet every time you are listening to a new song -- a limitation that your friends and the Internet in general should thank Apple for.

Share iTunes Store links with your friends

You can share iTunes Store links for albums, movies and TV shows. Just click the little triangle to the right of the item's price and choose Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter. Of course, you'll need a free Twitter or Facebook account to share iTunes Store links.

Once you know where to look, sharing iTunes Store links is easy -- just be sure not to abuse the feature so you don't annoy your friends and followers.