iTunes: Beatles Claim 14 Top 40 Albums First Day

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The Beatles have claimed 15 spots in the Top 40 best-selling albums on iTunes with less than 12 hours of availability. Apple announced that The Fab Four were coming to iTunes earlier on Tuesday, and the band that broke up in 1970 now has 17 albums in the Top 100 on Apple’s service.

The Beatles are performing less well on in sales of single songs, with seven of the Top 100 singles, from #39 to #85.

Both charts have been swiftly changing throughout the day, and the list we compiled below had to be renumbered three times just whilst we were putting it together due to all 17 of the albums’ steady progress higher.

Beatles top Five Albums

The Beatles iTunes First Day Chart Performance

9. Abbey Road

14. The Beatles (White Album)

15. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

16. The Beatles Box Set

18. The Beatles 1967-1970 (The Blue Album)

21. The Beatles 1962-1966 (The Red Album)

22. Rubber Soul

24. Revolver

25. Magical Mystery Tour

28. Let It Be

30. A Hard Day’s Night

31. Please Please Me

33. Help!

37. With The Beatles

42. Past Masters, Vols. 1 & 2

47. Beatles for Sale

65. Yellow Submarine



39. Here Comes the Sun

44. Let It Be

51. In My Life

55. Blackbird

65. Come Together

83. With a Little Help From My Friends

95. Hey Jude




Guess I was wrong about the price points. . . .

John Molloy

As of now - 9:30 ET - 7 Abbey Road, 10 The Beatles, 12 Sgt Pepper’s, 16 The Box Set, 17 67-, 18 62-, 19 Rubber Soul, 23 Revolver, 24 Magical Mystery Tour, 26 Let it Be, 29 Hard day’s Night, 30 Please, Please me.

Most surprising is the number of people laying out the 150 bucks for the box set that has propelled it to number 16!


I’m amazed. I was completely wrong about the demand for 50 year old rock music.

I guess that’s why that’s why they’re running Apple and I’m a Tech.


that?s why that?s why they?re running Apple and I?m a Tech.

LOL, good comeback geoduck!

If it’s any consolation: now it’s a question of how long this pent-up demand will last. Obviously it’ll taper. No doubt it’ll see a resurgence sometime early on December 25 when a bookoodle of new Macs come online, and eighth graders everywhere are showing their mom and uncle Eddie how to set up iTunes.


Oh. Meh. God.

I just don’t get it. Zombie John Lennon would have been worth the hype.


Zombie John Lennon

Imagine all the zombies
Clomping through the rain
No life, no spirit,
Seeking all our brains…


How long will articles about Beatles on iTunes appear on this forum?

It’s just a spam. These articles don’t contain no useful information. They just copy one another. I give minus to this article. I hope that many of you will join to me.


How long will articles about Beatles on iTunes appear on this forum?

Dunno. I got tired of all the pre- AND post-iPad hoopla as well, even though I’m interested in the product. And with no iPhone, I get little benefit from ALL those discussions. But I understand that those matter to a lot of other people.

Profound philosophical suggestion:
if you’re facepalming, WHY did you even choose to CLICK onto this page? If the headlines include the word “Beatles” or related terms (John, Paul, George, Ringo, etc.) simply DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.

Problem solved. Now, if you keep reading, it’s all on you.

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