iTunes: Keeping the Mini Player on Top

You may be familiar with iTunes’ Mini Player—the small controller that replaces the full window when you click iTunes’ green “stoplight” button.

This nifty little player can be resized to make it teeny-tiny or expanded to show information on the song that’s playing. To do this, you’ll just click and drag one of the edges of the player.

Here’s the small version of the player…



 …but you can drag it out to make it much more informative.



What’s neat, however, is that you can force this window to float above everything else, so you don’t have to go hunting for it when you want to change songs. That setting lives under the iTunes > Preferences menu item, within the Advanced tab.

Check the box titled Keep Mini Player on top of all other windows, and that’s all you have to do. No matter what program you’re in, the iTunes player will stay where you’ve positioned it on the screen (and on top of every other window) for pure music-choosing goodness.