iTunes Redesign Coming with Better iCloud Support

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Apple is said to be working on a major redesign of its iTunes application that will tie in better with its iCloud service and offer new options for sharing music. The company is planning on releasing the new version of the media management and playback application by the end of the year.

New iTunes app in the worksNews of the iTunes overhaul comes courtesy of unnamed sources that Bloomberg said have “direct knowledge of the matter.”

An app redesign that better handles media management, improves the iTunes Store purchasing experience, and makes it easier to share content between devices will be a welcome change. When the iTunes app was first released for the Mac, it managed music ripped from user’s own CDs, but over time has had more features bolted on to handle functions like buying iTunes Store content and syncing files with iOS devices.

The new app will apparently make it easier to manage music stored on Apple’s iCloud service, and to access that content from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Apple is also said to be working on getting more photos, notes and other content to include with iTunes Store album purchases.

Apple isn’t saying whether or not an iTunes app redesign is in the works, which doesn’t come as a surprise since the company rarely talks about unannounced products or rumors. The likelihood that a new iTunes app is on the way, however, seems plausible — and for many iTunes users will be a welcome change.

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And it will probably require Mountain Lion…


It’s really about time.

iTunes has not been a application that people want to use since its earliest versions when the technology was still fairly new. Once MP3 players became commonplace, it’s become an application that we have to use to access out files and apps. It would be terrific it the new application actually made us want to use it again. It’s long overdue…


a major redesign of its iTunes application

I like the sound of that. It’s become bloatware the tries to do too much. I’d like to see them do a Lizzie Bordon on it and make iTunes only do music with separate apps for movies/video, Books, Apps for mobile devices, etc.

that will tie in better with its iCloud service and offer new options for sharing music

Depends. Sharing it with MY devices, then OK. Sharing it with a social network, ah la Ping ... Meh. That’s not something I’m interested in.


@Aftermac I’d lay money down on it.

Despite being bloated, iTunes is still a great app but I’m really looking forward to a redesign.  In particular I hope they continue to trend of decoupling iDevice syncing through iTunes for things other than music.  For example instead of having iTunes handle the sycing of your photos to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, let iPhoto or Aperture handle it for you. 

For the Windows users, who were probably the reason iTunes became the one-stop-sync-shop in the first place, just give them a dedicated syncing app.

Lastly I hope that the new Podcast app means we’ll get better podcast management features either within iTunes or a separate Mac OS app.  I would love to separate my podcasts into groups based on their subject matter.


It must have annoyed Steve to no end to have an app called iTunes that wasn’t about just music anymore. That thing is almost the antithesis of an Apple app. I wouldn’t be surprised if they change it’s name too.

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