iTunes Store Raises the Curtain on Movies in Japan

Apple’s iTunes Store in Japan finally began offering movies for rent and purchase on Thursday. The selection isn’t as large yet as other countries, clocking in at “over 1,000,” but Apple plans to add more titles over time.

Movies from 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, The Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Universal Pictures and top Japanese studios including Asmik Ace Entertainment Inc., Fuji TV, Kadakowa Pictures, Nikkatsu, Shochiku Company Limited and Toei Company Limited are available in HD and SD formats. Popular titles such as Toy Story 3, Sex and the City 2, Ototo and Odoru Diasousasen THE MOVIE 2 are currently ready for viewing, and with the release of the Apple TV 2 in Japan this week the timing works out well for both Apple and customers.

HD movie purchases are priced at ¥2000 and ¥2500 for new releases, and SD movies cost ¥1500 or ¥2000 for new releases. Rentals are priced starting at ¥300.

Shoppers can pick up a new Apple TV 2 in Japan for ¥8800.