iTunes U Hits 300 Million Downloads

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Downloads from Apple’s iTunes U program topped the 300 million mark on Tuesday. The educational arm of the iTunes Store has been online for about three years, and includes content from over 800 universities around the world.

iTunes U includes course lectures, lab demonstrations, lessons, sport events and more in video and audio formats. Much of the content is available to the public for free.

“iTunes U makes it easy for people to discover and learn with content from many of the world’s top institutions,” commented Apple vice president of Internet Services, Eddy Cue.

Classes and other content is available from institutions such as Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Cambridge, and MIT. According to Apple, over 350,000 audio and video files are currently available from educational institutions participating in iTunes U.



For an educator, the possibilities can be quite extraordinary.

We had a faculty member who normally teaches just a couple sections of a course on religions (among others), and his course was highlighted on the iTunes U landing page one week. His course got over 100,000 downloads in just a few weeks.

In the course of a normal teaching career, reaching that many face-to-face “hits” would be impossible.

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