Jailbreak for iOS 7 Released by Evasi0n Team

The team behind the iOS 6 jailbreak has just released its latest jailbreak utility, now compatible with iOS 7. The Mac and Windows utilities were released on Sunday at evasi0n.com by the team of iOS hackers known as the Evad3rs and are compatible with iOS 7 devices from version 7.0 through 7.0.4. Additionally, the included readme file indicates that both 7.1 betas, recently released to registered developers, are also compatible.

Evasi0n's iOS 7 compatible jailbreak is ready and waitingEvasi0n's iOS 7 compatible jailbreak is ready and waiting

Jailbraking is a process where users hack their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch so  they can install apps that aren't distributed through Apple's App Store. Jailbreaking isn't supported by Apple, so if something goes wrong during the process, don't expect your local genius bar to offer any help.

The Evad3rs team and us here at TMO advise caution before proceeding to use the utility. You'll want to have a full, unencrypted backup made of your device, as encrypted backups can cause hiccups in the process. Devices which have been updated without using iTunes (as in with the over-the-air utility in settings) will need to be restored in iTunes with the latest firmware. Finally, the passcode lock should be disabled before the process begins to avoid any issues.

The utility is available at evasi0n.com and is fairly simple to use if you prepare yourself according to the included instructions. You'll want to pay attention to the prompts, as you will have to open the Evasi0n utility on your device at some point. We found that the utility ended up in one of our app folders, so you may need to search for it using Spotlight.

As always, if you don't understand why you would want to jailbreak or aren't too technically inclined, TMO recommends sitting out and leaving the hacking to more experienced users. If you don't think you need to jailbreak, you probably don't.