Japanese Rumor Says Apple Prepping Multicolor iPhone & iPhone 5S

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Apple is working on an inexpensive iPhone model that will come in multiple colors, according to Japanese site Macotakora. The same story also said that Apple was working on the expected iPhone 5S, and that this device might also be available in different colors.

"I have [two sources of] information about color variation of cheaper iPhone from several sources," Macotakora reported Friday. "The first set is Navy, Gold Orange, White and Gray, and [second] is White, Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow-orange. I can say one thing from [this] information, namely both sets do not contain Black model."

iPhone Mockups

Color iPhone Mockups by Macotakora

There have been a variety of rumors over the last several months claiming that Apple was working on an inexpensive, entry-level iPhone tailored for emerging markets, especially the BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

There have also been a few rumors suggesting Apple was considering multiple colors for this product, but Macotakora (which roughly translated means someone extremely obsessed with Macs) said that his sources said Apple was producing a test run of 1,000 of these inexpensive iPhones for field testing.

The site has a history of rumors, many of which come from Japanese companies in Apple's supply chain. Many, though not all, of those rumors have been borne out by time.

The same report said that Apple's next flagship iPhone (agreed by everyone but Apple to be the iPhone 5S), will have a dual-LED flash for its camera. The hole for the second microphone that Apple use to sample ambient noise will also be changed from an oval to a small circle, for what that's worth.

More interestingly, the iPhone 5S will supposedly be available in green and gold. It was unclear if this will be in addition to both black and white models, which have been standard for iPhone since the iPhone 4. We are more skeptical of this part of the rumor.

There is also information about the next generation iPad having a second microphone on the back and supporting standard SIM cards, rather than data-only SIMs. If true, that would mean that iPads could also make phone calls. Color us skeptical on that one, too.

Macotakora has proven to be plugged in to Apple's supply chain, but it's important to remember that stories sourced from that supply chain can be "true" without representing what Apple is actually going to do.

Apple tests all manner of products and all manner of variants when working up to a product release. The same is true for individual components, where Apple tests various different versions looking for just the right one for a new product.

Information about those tests often leak, but even when they are real Apple tests, that doesn't necessarily mean that Apple will ship it. These color tests, for instance, are anyone's guess.

On the other hand, an inexpensive entry-level iPhone of some sort is gaining more and more weight from various suppliers. We think that all but certain, whether or not it comes in a variety of colors.

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Lee Dronick

What percentage of owners have a case on their iPhone? I would think that most of them do. If so then why would Apple sell iPhones in several colors. Sure iPods, but from what I saw few owners put a case on those.


There is also information about the next generation iPad having a second microphone on the back and supporting standard SIM cards, rather than data-only SIMs. If true, that would mean that iPads could also make phone calls. Color us skeptical on that one, too.

Perhaps this is Apple’s response to the Galaxy S4 and those wanting a bigger iPhone.


Not sure if you’re being facetious or not but I would love this. I use my iPod Touch all day every day for all sorts of things from surfing, to texting to Skype, to e-mail, and on and on. Oh yeah and I have a cell phone that I carry and use maybe once every few weeks, maybe. An iPad that could double as a cell speakerphone would be perfect for my needs.



Yes, I was being facetious. I’m not a fan of the megaphones that are all the rage in developing countries (and wealthy ones). I understand the desire for these megabeasts in low income countries where people are trying to get one device that can serve as both a tablet for viewing and a phone for calling. However, for those of us who can afford both phone and tablet, I prefer a smaller footprint for my phone.

Nonetheless, if Apple arm their iPads with standard SIMs, then for those who want bragging rights on who’s got the biggest phone, the next time someone pulls out their puny little Samsung 5-by-5, one could whip out their Apple 9-by-7 and, using their best Clint Eastwood menacing whisper, croak, ‘Go ahead, my call’.

I agree with you, however; there would be benefits to having this feature on an iPad, although I am sceptical that this is where Apple are headed. Time will tell.



My Clint quote was supposed to read, ‘Go ahead, make my call’.

My scepticism about this approach, however, stems from all of the communication options one has for the iPad in its present form, and the fact that surveys show that, particularly for younger clients, the phone itself is seldom used for phone calls. My kids, for example, have the least number of calls on their monthly bills, as a rule, and far more texts and data usage.

I therefore do not see the driver for this move, but then I acknowledge that my perspective is hostage to my habits.


Hmmmmmm, currently there are black &white; iphones, with colorful interface graphics. If I am to believe this and other rumors, the next iphone will have colorful bodies, and “flat” black & white interfaces?

Color me perplexed.

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