Judge Approves Apple's Order for Psystar Records

Judge Alsup approved Apple's proposed order on Monday compelling Psystar to produce business documents by May 18. The order comes after Psystar apparently failed to adequately respond to discovery depositions in Apple's lawsuit trying to block the sale of unauthorized Mac clones.

The order also requires Psystar to provide someone that's competent to testify about its financial records -- something that CEO Rudy Pedraza wasn't able to do during his deposition.

Apple and Psystar are currently fighting a legal battle over whether or not companies can sell PCs with Mac OS X installed. Apple asserts that any company wanting to sell Mac clones needs permission, and the Cupertino-based company has no plans to let companies sell PCs with Mac OS X installed. Psystar claims that Apple is overstepping its authority in enforcing copyrights.

Psystar failed to adequately respond to Apple's discovery requests claiming that it can't keep as detailed records because it isn't as big of a company. The lack of information prompted Apple to request an order from the court compelling the company to produce financial documents.

Now that Judge Alsup has approved the order, Psystar has until May 18 to produce the requested financial documents, and until June 3 to provide someone to testify about the company's records.

Some analysts have speculated that there are other companies funding Psystar's legal defense since the little PC maker doesn't likely have enough money to keep its case going. If that's the case, the financial documents Apple is requesting may help show who those backers are.