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Jumsoft announced the immediate availability of Book Palette 1.0 on Thursday. Book Palette is a collection of templates for Apple’s new iBooks Author interactive book layout application for the Mac.

Jumsoft's Cookbook template for iBooks AuthorJumsoft’s Cookbook template for iBooks Author

The package includes ten templates with editable layouts, chapter and text pages, covers, table of contents, glossary pages, and more. Template styles are included for business and textbook layouts.

Book Palette 1.0 is priced at US$2.99 and is available at Apple’s Mac App Store. The templates require iBooks Author, which is available as a free download for Lion 10.7.2 and higher.

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Pat Mahon

My knee-jerk reaction was “hang on a minute? if one is able to open up and save off as a template then surely one would make their own templates?”
But, come to think of it I’m sure there are plenty of budding authors in numerous fields that just want to ‘write’ and leave all the design process of page layout to others. In which case, $2.99 for 10 templates is right on the button in my opinion.

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