Jury Awards Apple $290 Million from Samsung in Damages Retrial

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Apple in CourtThe jury in Apple's damages retrial with Samsung reached their decision on Thursday, awarding apple more than US$290 million. That amount brings Apple's damage award to some $900 million. That's down from the $1.05 billion originally awarded, but much more than Samsung wanted to pay.

Apple issued a statement to AllThingsD arguing that its patent infringement suits against Samsung weren't about the money. That statement:

For Apple, this case has always been about more than patents and money. It has been about innovation and the hard work that goes into inventing products that people love. While it’s impossible to put a price tag on those values, we are grateful to the jury for showing Samsung that copying has a cost.

CNet reported the specific award as being $290,456,793. Apple had been asking for $380 million out of the original $410 million that was being retried, while Samsung had argued it should only have to pay $52 million.

The jury deliberated for two days, and The Verge reported that those deliberations included a vanity request for a copy of the court artist's rendering of them, the jury. You know, as a keepsake, "if this is possible."

The retrial focused specifically on the damages, rather than Samsung's guilt or innocence. In 2012, a jury found Samsung guilty of infringing on several of Apple's design and utility patents and awarded the iPhone maker $1.05 billion in damages.

Judge Lucy Koh later threw out $450 million of those damages—an amount later reduced to $410 million) after finding the jury had improperly calculated that portion of the award. She ordered a retrial for those damages, and that's what concluded on Thursday.

In the meanwhile, everything is still being appealed, and Samsung will no doubt appeal this new award. Samsung also asked Judge Koh for a stay in the case even as the jury was deliberating, something Apple argued was "beyond reason." That would appear to be moot at this point.

Also in the works are other trials in the U.S. for infringement on newer Samsung products and other patents.

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Does this set a precedent? Because Samsung was found to be flagrantly copying Apple (to the tune of nearly a billion dollars) does that lower the bar for proving it in upcoming trials?


What a waste of resources all because of Jobs ego. After the recent news from the Patent Office - Samsung will probably prevail in the appeal and get a few more million knocked off the settlement. Samsung raises the price of the components Apple buys from them by pennies - boom, Samsung won. And then when Apple buys the curved glass from Samsung for the next iPhone….........



I agree with you on this one: “Samsung raises the price of the components Apple buys from them by pennies…” - but disagree on your ending -  “boom - Samsung won.”  Yes, they will recover the money they ultimately have to pay Apple, but they admitted in a court of law they violated Apple’s patents. Since Sammy likes to portray its copies as innovations, that’s not a win but a loss, esp in the court of public opinion.

As for the curved glass prediction, I would love to hear from you or anyone else here just what problem such a feature would solve or how it would improve anything one would do on a smartphone.  I’m not saying there isn’t something, but I haven’t been able to imagine it.  Unlike fingerprint ID, which is a very useful feature…

Lee Dronick

Or will Samsung buy curved glass from Apple?



Bryan et al:

I fail to see how this outcome, universally hailed as a win for Apple and a further blow to Samsung’s already sagging international reputation as a convicted and serial copy-cat, is in anyway an exhoneration of Samsung or an indictment of Apple, using even the most convoluted and tortuous line of reasoning by a still sane mind.

Despite the near-ubiquitous availability of Samsung products in the USA and Europe (never mind low income countries), I wonder how if Samsung’s behaviour and convictions would be seen as so innocuous and in such a neutral light if, instead of a Korean company, it were wholly Chinese owned (a fair amount of China phobia being extant in the USA to my read) or Indian - two countries whose economies put them on a rendezvous with rivaling US economic dominance ink our lifetimes and shifting the centre of economic mass squarely in Asia. Theft is theft, and any international player needs to abide by an international set of standards in not only build quality and safety, but ethics. If anything, I think the prevailing wisdom Eastward is that such penalties as are now being levied against Samsung are near meaningless as a deterrent. As it was put on Bloomberg West yesterday, the amount of this award amounts to what Samsung earn in a month, ditto for Apple. It’s not about the money, but deterring bad behaviour, and on that score I continue to harbour doubts.

I nonetheless see this outcome as a step in the right direction for all concerned.


Curved glass:  The feature no one asked for.

I mean, really. How would it improve the user experience? We USED to have curved glass TV’s right? But aren’t our flat screen HDTV’s a vast improvement?

And wouldn’t a curved glass screen be more susceptible to breakage?

I try to keep an open mind, but I don’t get this one.


Apple has already re-sourced billions of dollars of components away from Samsung, and will continue to re-source billions more as other companies step up their ability to supply Apple with components that are of high enough quality and in enough quantity for the demand.  Apple will do this until they are at the bare minimum of Samsung sourcing, and maybe eventually completely free of Samsung.  There are directors at Samsung that have lost or will shortly lose their jobs for the drops in component sourcing, all because of the copying.  Sad but true.  Samsung in no way will win the war with Apple.

This has nothing to do with Steve’s ego and everything to do with not wanting to do business with such a pathetic and unethical company.  Cuda, you are such a troll it isn’t funny.  But regardless, dream whatever you want about your unethical company that I suspect you work for.  They are hurting on the component side big-time due to their business behavior with regard to Apple, and the impact will be felt for many decades.  And as more Americans begin to loathe them for copying cell phones and vacuum cleaners and whatever else they end up copying, they will be boycotted even more.

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