Keeping Track of Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

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Mac OS X is a pretty efficient operating system, and it doesn't take much effort to mouse around to get things done. Keyboard shortcuts, however, can give your efficiency a turbo boost by letting you keep both hands on the keyboard nearly all the time -- but remembering all of those key combinations can be a real pain, and sometimes just learning them can be a headache, too. Good thing Apple keeps an updated list of keyboard shortcuts online and ready for your perusal.

Apple maintains a regularly updated list of keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X at the Apple Support Web site. Along with key combinations for opening and closing windows, jumping to your Home directory and adding items to the Sidebar, the Web page also deciphers the symbols that represent the Control, Option, Command and Shift keys.

As if that isn't enough, the keyboard shortcuts Web page also includes links to support documents that list shortcuts for other Apple applications like Keynote, iPhoto, iTunes, iCal, and more.



I’m a big fan of KeyCue but I wish Apple would buy them out and include it in OS X itself.

Lee Dronick

Thanks Jeff

I use a some of the keyboard shortcuts on a daily basis, but I could certainly get in the habit of using more them. To that end I saved that page as a webarchive as well as bookmarking it. The list is too big for Dashboard clipping, it might make a helpful mini-app.


I agree with JulesLt, KeyCue is an excellent helper.

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