Keynamics iPhone, iPad Stands are Almost Perfect

The Keynamics matching iPhone and iPad stands are made of anodized aluminum, come in various colors, and have plenty of room for a device in its case.

Recently, I obtained two matching, black, Keynamics stands — one for the iPhone and and one for the iPad. These anodized aluminum stands are very stable, and they have two cutouts in the back to secure cables snaked through from behind.


I liked the black color - matches iPhone & iPad nicely

In addition, the lips on the front are extra deep, about  3/4-inch (2 cm) to accomodate the iPhone or iPad inside most cases. As you can see from the first photo, your iPad or iPhone rests on a thin piece of plastic to protect it. Unfortunately, the inside front of the lip does not also have a plastic protector, so if, say, the iPad slides forward, it’s not fully protected. I asked Keynamics about this, and the response was: “Yes – we have looked at that, and agree with your concern, but have not seen any issues out in the field nor in our own usage. We are having a meeting today to discuss it.”


The iPad is a lot bigger, but the engineering doesn’t require stand size to be scaled by iPad dimensions

Even though the stands are very stable, mine sits near the edge of my desk, so I use some double sided tape to make sure I don’t knock the iPhone off to the floor. The tape easily fits over the thin rubber strips on the bottom of these stands to protect your desktop from scratching. They don’t cause the stand to wobble or lose stability.

I like the cutouts in the back that allow you to thread the charger cable through and keep it in place. The gap between the lips is perfectly sized to allow the head of the 30-pin connector to attach. That’s about it; these stands should outlive you and your children.

Bottom Line

At first, I thought the stand for the iPad was too small, but it’s an illusion, just like the similar stand for Apple’s Cinema displays. It turns out that the iPad stand is just right.

Beware of putting a rubber cushion on the front face of the stand to protect the back of your phone. If it’s too thick, it will cause the phone to slide forward and contact the vertical part of the lip. The stand is designed for the iPhone (iPad) to rest flush against the back face. In that mode, it won’t contact the inside vertical section of the lip anyway. Also, pressing the home button insures that the iPhone (iPad) will be all the way back.

Custom logos are available as cutouts on the face and bottom section.


Custom stand (also shows cutouts on rear)

I think I’m going to be happy with these Keynamics stands for a long time. The quality and durability is commensurate with the price: US$29.99 for the iPhone and US$39.99 for the iPad. That includes free shipping. Finally, while marketed for the iPhone, I suspect they’ll work with just about any smartphone that’s not a flip-open.