Kickstarting Phorce: Stylish Carry Bag with Battery Pack

For far too long, our carry bags have been completely dumb. Marijn Berk in the Netherlands has just launched a Kickstarter project aimed to change all that. The Phorce is an intelligent, stylish carry bag unlike any you've ever seen.

It features a 14,400 mAh battery that can charge or power your devices and even has smart loss prevention feature that will notify you in case you accidentally leave it behind. It can be reconfigured as a messenger bag, backpack or briefcase. The Kickstarter project launches today and seeks US$150,000 funding.

As the project describes it, "We live in the mobile age. You can wake up in San Francisco, spend the afternoon in New York, and be back in the West Coast right on time for drinks. Whether you walk or ride around your hometown, drive to another city, or fly to another continent -- your trusty bag is always with you."

And now, that bag that's always with you on the plane, in the hotel or in a meeting is a constant source of power for your devices. This is a terrific idea.

The Phorce bag weighs in at 3.7 lbs (1.68 kg) and is 18 x 12 x 4-inches (46 x 30 x 10-cm). It charges smartphones, tablets, iPods, cameras, speakers, headphones, and anything that is powered using a USB connection.  There will be two versions: a simple USB version that can charge small devices and a Mac version, more expensive, that can power MacBooks. The Mac version includes a MacBook power port with Apple Magsafe Airline adapter. It can power but not charge a MacBook.

 The general feature list for the Mac version is impressive:

  • A compact wall charger that will fully charge the Phorce in just four hours.
  • Powers all MacBooks. Powerful enough to power a MacBook for up to 7 extra hours
  • Charge up to 3 USB-devices at once with Phorce's integrated lightweight battery pack: two high-speed USB-ports to charge smartphones, headhpones, cameras, and other devices, and one super high-speed USB-port to charge iPads/tablets
  • Powerful enough to fully charge an iPhone 5 over 8 times, or a Samsung Galaxy S3 6 times
  • Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth: see how much power is left and what you can do with it, and receive important notifications.
  • Loss prevention: sends notification to your phone when you leave your bag behind.
  • Can transform from a messenger bag, to a backpack, to a briefcase
  • Securely slides over the telescopic handles of a trolley bag or suitcase's telescopic handle for comfortable hands- and shoulders-free traveling
  • Magnetic black suede handles that can disappear when not in use
  • Includes a unique strap system and rich padding for your shoulders and back, which has an anti-slip bottom-side so that it securely sits on your shoulders
  • Constructed from durable black metal hardware
  • Water-resistant custom fabric, waterproof zippers, and protective padding keep your gear safe
  • Includes a 360-degree expansion zipper to quickly create over 240 cubic inches (3810 cm3) of extra space when you need it, and an A4-sized front pocket
  • Includes a cable management system that holds cables in place and out of your way
  • Padded tablet and smartphone pockets are lined with a special display-cleaning fabric that keep your devices safe and clean. These are sized to hold most tablets and smartphones with or without covers or cases

Phorce color choices are black, red or green. Delivery to customers is expected in May, 2013. The Mac version is priced at $299 on Kickstarter and will retail for $449, while Phorce for USB is priced at $219 on Kickstarter and will retail for $299. More information is available at the Phorce website