Kodak Sues Apple, RIM Over Digital Camera Tech

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Apple and RIM found themselves on the receiving end of a legal battle from Kodak on Thursday over allegations that the smartphone makers have been using patent protected technology related to digital photo previews.

According to Kodak, Apple's iPhone along with several BlackBerry models from RIM rely on Kodak patented technology for previewing digital images. The company filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission over the alleged infringement, but apparently isn't looking to block iPhone or BlackBerry sales.

"Our primary interest is not to disrupt the availability of any product but to obtain fair compensation for the use of our technology," said Kodak Chief Intellectual Property Officer, and Vice President, Laura G. Quatela.

Despite Ms. Quatela's comments, Kodak is looking to for the ITC to block the import of iPhone and BlackBerry models that include digital cameras.

Along with the ITC filing, Kodak also filed two suits against Apple in U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York for infringing on "patents related to digital cameras and certain computer processes."

The suits claim Apple is infringing on Kodak patents covering digital image previews and processing of digital images at different resolutions, along with patents covering a process where applications can rely on other applications for carrying out "certain computer-oriented functions."

"We remain open to negotiating a fair and amicable agreement with both Apple and RIM, which has always been our preference and our practice with other licensees," Ms. Quatela added.

Kodak is seeking unspecified damages against Apple and RIM, and is looking to permanently block Apple for infringing on its patents.

Apple has not commented on the pending case.

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Jeff Gamet

If the number of lawsuits Apple is dealing with is any indication of success, the company must be doing better than pretty much every tech company around. Also, at some point the Apple Lawsuit Express is going to have to pull into the station so it can add more cars to the train.


Seems apple has allot of lawsuits against them now. If they are legit, then pay up apple and quit stealing from other companies. If not, apple deserves compensation for false accusations.


Apple could just buy Kodak. $1.2B market cap. They could almost do it with spare change.


Friggin’ hilarious!!! This suit from a company that has egg all over it’s face for doing NOTHING in the face of the “digital revolution”. Back in the late 80’s early 90’s they had ZERO digital cameras on the market but they had “APS” the “Advanced Photographic System” last gasp of silver based film 35mm with a ‘mag stripe’ while Nikon and Canon, Olympus,Fuji were rolling out digital cams. From 25,000+ orders processed a night in a single Burbank,CA Lab for the SoCal area in ‘93 - to OUT OF THE BUSINESS completely today. Kodak was arrogant and clueless in the wake of the obvious (well not to status quo biz guys and analog purists) revolution.
So….NOW Kodak has a patent on what??? A way to see lousy low-res previews??? Huh??? Ha Haaaaa

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