Lantronix xPrintServer Allows iOS Devices to Use Network Printers

| Macworld/iWorld Expo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — At this week’s Macworld|iWorld, Lantronix was demonstrating xPrintServer, a device that will allow your iOS devices to print to a much wider variety of network printers, with the number of printers that support AirPrint being relatively small. David Wagstaff, Chief Architect, Advanced Solutions, gave us a demonstration of this product.

The xPrintServer is a small unit (4.5 x 2.37 x 0.87-in) about the size of an iPhone, with two connections, one for power, and an RJ-45 jack for a 100BASE-T connection to your network. It can also connect to nearby Wi-Fi enabled printers. Once connected to your network or in range of wireless printers, it will find any printer that supports either JetDirect/AppSocket, LPD, or IPP protocols.

Lantronix xPrintServer

Once the xPrintServer finds your network printers, you can then take your iPad, iPad2, iPhone (3GS or later) iPod touch (3rd generation or later) running iOS 4.2 or later, and these printers will now appear in the Print selection. Lantronix recommends that you have one xPrinterServer unit for every 10 printers on your subnet.

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xPrintServer is available now for US$149.


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There’s a free piece of software that allows this, so why would anyone spend $150 rather than FREE??


What is the software?



Dorje Sylas

Because that free piece of software requires a computer to be on. This box just has to sit there and can be on all the time. It can also be taken to any network and looks fairly portable vs dragging a computer along just to print.

Flipside is if IT won’t allow the modifications that makes AirPrint work by proxy through a Mac/Windows box, these may be a viable option to attach to the network.

150 is probably a little out of the market range but I think they are shooting for corporate/small business environments rather then home. I know that this would look like an attractive option at my worksite as we get more and more iOS devices integrated into the network.


OK thanks. I was hoping you meant an iPad App that let the iPad see printers on the local wireless LAN.

Mike Heffernan

OK thanks. I was hoping you meant an iPad App that let the iPad see printers on the local wireless LAN.

Well, that *would* make sense, wouldn’t it?  But can’t have *that*!


why would anyone spend $150 rather than FREE??

1. Don’t want to waste power leaving a dedicated machine up and running for this.
2. Don’t have a spare machine lying around to act as a print server.
3. Don’t want to deal with the noise, heat, etc generated by leaving a machine on.

Why would you assume that the free software option is a one-size-fits-all solution?

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