Laptop Owners Team Up for Nvidia Lawsuit

Graphics chip maker Nvidia is facing a group lawsuit from Apple, HP and Dell laptop owners over what they claim are faulty processors. The plaintiffs are hoping to gain class action status and force Nvidia to replace the defective components.

The lawsuit stemmed from reports -- and ultimately Nvidia's admission -- that the company provided defective graphics processors to PC makers. Nvidia fessed up to the problem in July 2008 after laptop owners experienced problems such as random shutdowns and gray or black screens, according to Computerworld.

Nvidia initially assured Apple that it hadn't received any defective video chips, but Apple's own investigation ultimately showed that some MacBook Pro models actually did include problem graphics processors.

While Apple offered to repair any MacBook Pro that included the bad chips, HP and Dell initially offered customers an Nvidia-provided BIOS patch that forced the laptop fans to run faster. The two PC laptop makers later changed their policy and began repairing the defective computers.

The plaintiffs asserted that Nvidia's solution to the bad chip problem was unacceptable and are asking the court to force the company to replace all of the defective processors and pay unspecified damages.