Latest Microsoft Ad Shows Off Apple Again

Microsoft's third "real world" PC shopping commercial features a mom and son looking for a new laptop, and like the previous ads in the series takes time to show off Apple's offerings.

The "Lisa and Jackson" ad follows in the footsteps of the "Lauren" and "Giampaolo" commercials by sending the two into a Best Buy store to shop for a PC. When the mom and son team pick out a PC laptop, Microsoft pays for it.

The two check out the store's MacBook selection, which Lisa says is popular with her son's age group. She ultimately dismisses the Macs as pretty, but too expensive. They also pass over a pink PC laptop in favor of a Sony product.

All three of Microsoft's new ads follow the same formula: don't mention Windows, and say that Macs cost too much. While they do consistently highlight Apple's products, none of the commercials show of any features from Microsoft's products.