LEGO Announces iPhone-compatible Mindstorms EV3 Kit

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Las Vegas -- LEGO unveiled its new Mindstorms EV3 DIY robot kit at CES in Las Vegas on Monday. The kit's EV3 Intelligent Brick "brain" can be controlled through an iPhone, ending the lineup's requirement for a PC.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 is programmable from your iPhone

The EV3 Intelligent Brick includes 64GB RAM, and SD card slot for additional storage, a built-in infrared sensor, and runs on Linux. The kit also includes a 3D construction guide to make it easier to see designs from any angle during construction.

According to LEGO, the EV3 is advanced enough so that users can design robots that are more autonomous than previous kits and is even capable of following other moving objects. The company also said the kit is designed so inexperienced robot builders as well as long time Mindstorms fans can take advantage of its features.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with products introduced at CES, you can't get you hands on the Mindstorms EV3 right away. LEGO plans to ship the iPhone-compatible kit in the second half of 2013, and expects the base kit to sell for around US$350.


fake name

What…. No love for android?  Most of your geeks that are into this type of thing are android users…. Not apple users.

You wanna make something for apple users make a robot that you don’t have to figure anything out for yourself.

Sean Connery

It was a business decision to stay with a stable OS. That way they can reliably code for one OS and not patch for all the scattered versions of android. Once the app is clean and working as expected they will likely come up with an android version.

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