Mabasoft Releases Application Wizard 2.2

Mabasoft has released Application Wizard 2.2. The new version now supports iPhoto and Aperture, many new features have been added to the previews, and window selection has been modified so that only the selected window is brought to the front.

Other features in version 2.2 include:

  • Full Dashboard client names appear now in the Background-only Applications submenu of the Quit menu, so that running Dashboard clients can now be identified.
  • The display of IPTC data associated with pictures has been revised and extended.
  • A bug that caused previews to incorrectly display music or movie durations longer than 1 hour has been fixed.
  • The minimum required Mac OS X version is now 10.3.

Application Wizard Preview

Application Wizard is a program that increases flexibility and options when working with applications. The user can open favorites or groups of applications, quickly open recent apps, force apps to open in Rosetta or in Classic, quit multiple apps at once, quit background apps from the Finder, force apps to quit with an automatic relaunch, show and hide whole groups of applications and more.

Application Wizard 2.2 is a Universal Binary and comes with a 15-day free trial. A single user license is priced at US$18.00.