Mac Computer Expo Rolls Out App Ahead of Conference

Mac Computer Expo 2012 gets an app!Mac Computer Expo teamed up with WellRedApps to release a special app on Tuesday for this weekend's Apple-related conference. The MCE 2012 app lists conference sessions, speakers, along with expo vendors and sponsors, and supports the iPhone 5's taller Retina Display.

The MCE 2012 app lets users buy conference tickets, read session descriptions, learn more about the event speakers, get directions to the venue, and more.

Those sessions and speakers include The Mac Observer's Managing Editor, Jeff Gamet, who will be hosting the Women in Tech keynote panel and will also show how to use your iPhone as your only camera in a different session. MCE has a long list of well known speakers such as the Women in Tech panel's Jean MacDonald, Dori Smith,, Allison Sheridan, Kerry Rego, Ronnie Roche, and Kelly Guimont.

Mac Computer Expo is Saturday, October 6 from 9AM to 5PM pacific time at the Petaluma Community Center in Petaluma, California. Tickets cost US$10 per person, and are available through the MCE 2012 website and at the event.

The MCE 2012 app for the iPhone is free and available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.