Apple Announces Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite at WWDC [Updated]

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At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, Tim Cook announced Mac OS 10.10 or "Yosemite," during the Keynote address on Monday. Surprisingly, Yosemite won out over OS X Weed, which apparently was popular among Apple's marketing team.

Apple's new look for OS X Yosemite, due this fallApple's new look for OS X Yosemite, due this fall

The new version of OS X sports subtle window translucency for windows and the Dock, plus OS 7-style flat-looking icons -- a look Apple called "refined," and "fresh." Apple added a Dark Mode to the operating system for developers and designers, and carried the theme's look into applications, too. The company gave a little hat tip to coders and designers with a new Dark Mode view that changes many bright interface elements to darker colors, and improved font readability and consistency across apps and the OS.

OS X will be getting a more iPad-like Notification Center with a today view for easily checking your schedule and tasks. Notification Center also gained support for add-on widgets that let users customize exactly what information they see.

Spotlight will get a big visual overhaul that pulls the search field from the menu bar and places it center screen. Searches group together related results in a way Apple thinks will make more sense, and searches can include results from Bing, Wikipedia, Apple's online app and media stores, and more.

Yosemite will include new markup features in Mail that let users add annotations and signatures to messages, an updated interface for Safari with improved and more flexible privacy controls, and DuckDuckGo Web search support.

OS X Yosemite, as well as iOS 8 will sport a new feature called Continuity that lets users start activities on any Apple device, and then jump to another device and continue where they left off. The new version of Mac OS will also work as a speaker phone-like system for the iPhone with caller ID viewing, and the ability to answer and make calls from the desktop.

OS X Yosemite will be available as a free upgrade through the Mac App Store this fall, and as a public beta this summer.

[Updated with additional information about OS X Yosemite]

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While I was unhappy with a lot of the visual changes to iOS 7, I absolutely love the look of Yosemite, especially after reviewing it on Apple’s site. I hope iOS will inherit a few design cues from it going forward and lose just a bit of the white space, and inherit the slightly silver-gray look of Yosemite’s menu bars.


Watch out for the Finder icon. It seemed to show a bit goofy during the keynote but online at the website it appears as just a more saturated version of the current icon? But wait my eyes don’t deceive me, on the page for xCode 6 the Goofy Finder interloper appears.

Overall it looks a major change in the UI and time will tell. IOS 7 was a change from earlier versions and on close inspection introduced some very interesting and powerful UX features. I feel the transparency should be toned down a bit in areas where underlapping layers distort key areas of content, especially where text needs to be read.

Even in Lion there are instances where this effects legibility: sometimes on modal sheets and the pop-up dictionary definitions. In fact some of the dynamic text/Text kit technology of IOS could be but to good use in Mac OS X, and hopefully this will be the case with Yosemite.

I think a little bit of desaturation on some of the UI elements, and the Finder folder icons need a bit more work. Overall a slight toning back to the look of Mavericks should do it.

Great thing that there is a Beta program inviting feedback, so depending on you beta testers to give good feedback. I my self will not be participating, because current conditions keep me on 10.7.5 on my trusty Mac Pro 1.1.

Revert to traditional Finder Icon please. We don’t want the Windows users having a laugh or I will have to hide my future Macs from their mirth and that will be lost opportunity for Apple to advertise their wares to potential new users. Pull back a bit from the Fisher Price look, maintain some of the gravitas of the more recent OS X releases (Lion/Mavericks) sans the Skeumorphism.

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