Mac OS X: Built-in Multitouch Gesture Training

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Apple includes multitouch gesture support for the built-in trackpads on its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lineup, as well as the Magic Trackpad. With the long list of gestures OS X supports, it can be hard to figure them out. That is, until you know that Apple hid away a nice set of gesture tutorials in the System Preferences app.

System Preferences includes videos showing how to use multitouch gesturesSystem Preferences includes videos showing how to use multitouch gestures

To check out your Mac's built-in gestures, just go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. Now click Trackpad. Each of the options under the Point & Click, Scroll & Zoom, and More Gestures tabs includes a short video demonstrating each gesture. You can also disable any gestures you don't want to use from here, too.

This is the first place I send new Mac owners when they're ready to start learning system-wide gestures, and it's handy as a refresher when you forget how many fingers to use when swiping to show Mission Control (it's three).

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James Leo Ryan

I, long ago at least so it seems, became a committed user of the Magic Trackpad, and learned the various gestures thanks to the mini tutorials in system preferences. As an aside I am now totally dependent on the Magic Trackpad and find it difficult to understand why anyone would prefer to use a mouse, even the Magic Mouse!

Irfan saiyed

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