macXware Releases MacFonts 2

macXware, a division of Summitsoft Corp., has announced the release of a new collection of fonts. MacFonts 2 includes 1000 new typefaces, all in OpenType format. MacFonts 2 also includes a new FontManager that users can use to easily manage installed fonts in OpenType, TrueType, and PostScript formats.

Unlike TrueType or PostScript fonts, the OpenType format is designed to work cross-platform on Macs and PCs. Summitsoft also claims the format offers a smaller file size, the ability to embed fonts into PDF projects, superior print quality, improved language support, and improved typographic control, allowing a single font file to contain many nonstandard glyphs such as small caps or stacked fractions.

In a statement, Summitsoft?s VP of Product Development Ishan Amin explained that QuickType format allows users to achieve greater flexibility in their font management without "any sacrifice to the quality of their work."

MacFonts 2 currently available at software retailers including Apple Stores, or online for US$29.99.