Mac App Store Surpasses 10,000 Apps

Mac App StoreThe Mac App Store reportedly crossed the 10,000 app milestone this week, according to data compiled by MacGeneration (Google translation), a French-language site that conducted its own data query. While not an official announcement by Apple, the milestone is still an accomplishment.

The Mac App Store launched on January 6, 2011 and immediately changed the way software for the Mac is distributed. It topped  1 million downloads on day one and 100 million downloads in December. By comparison, the iOS app store has over 600,000 apps available.

Marking a major shift, the Mac App Store quickly became Apple’s preferred method of software distribution with several pieces of its software only available through that channel. With the MacBook Air line not having optical drives, the online method of purchasing and distributing software is seen as the future for the Mac platform.

[via AppleInsider]