Mac Business Unit Posts Promo Video for Office for Mac 2011

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Office for Mac 2011The Mac Business Unit has posted a promo video previewing Office for Mac 2011, which is due to be released later this year. The video features several program managers and coders in the Mac Business Unit at Microsoft showing us some of the new features and some of the ways the company has been working to make the new version ever-more Mac-like.

Features of the new suite:

Coming to Office for Mac 2011:

  • Design House in Your Office – The new Template Gallery allows you to quickly and easily pick a template from the built-in designs to the thousands of templates online - allowing you to create a great-looking document right from the start.
  • A New Outlook – Outlook for Mac will include the Conversation View, to easily sort emails and the new database includes Spotlight integration, which makes finding your emails and files a lot faster and easier. The team has also worked to ensure Outlook for Mac is Time Machine friendly.
  • Tying it Together with a Ribbon – The team created the new Office for Mac ribbon, designed as an evolution of the Office 2008 Elements Gallery while also utilizing the classic Mac menu and Standard Toolbar giving you the best of both worlds. You can even minimize the ribbon and the Toolbar for more screen space or for the more advanced users who rely on keyboard shortcuts.

The MBU has set up a new Web site at, an extension of Microsoft’s Mactopia Web site.

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Outlook returning to Mac may be a good thing (or not), but without Access, which MS has said they will never transport, cross platform compatibility is never going to be 100%. Or even close. And I’m loathe to even think about it, but suddenly my job is now going to require using it (after 20 years of not!), which means Parallels and Office 2010 for PC.



Lets see Office for Mac 2011 offers
Templates: So your documents can have the same hackneyed look as all the other Office users documents.
Outlook: I can’t believe that a program as buggy and craptacular as Outlook has gained such a following. I work in a mostly Windows environment. We don’t install, use or support Outlook. Occasionally some VIP will have a problem with Outlook on their personal system and our reply is always the same “Yeah that’s why we use Thunderbird”.
Ribbon: The Office Ribbon concept will be remembered along with Bob and Clippy for the worst ideas in computing history.

I’m happily using Open Office and see no reason to ever go back to the bloatware world.

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