Mac Cloner Pops Up in Germany

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Germany-based PC builder HyperMegaNet UG has joined the unauthorized Mac clone maker club with its PearC product line. The company is letting users choose to have Mac OS X 10.5 pre-installed on their PC instead of Windows, but Apple hasn't given the company permission to sell Mac-compatible computers.

HyperMegaNet UG is offering three Mac-compatible towers: The Starter, the Advanced, and the Professional. All come in generic black PC tower cases.

HyperMegaNet UG isn't the first unauthorized Mac clone maker to show up. Psystar introduced its OpenMac clone in last April and has since become the target of Apple's legal team. Apple has hit Psystar with a copyright and trademark violation suit, and is also accusing the company of violating U.S. DMCA laws.

Apple hasn't taken any action yet to stop HyperMegaNet UG, nor has is commented on the company's products.

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As long as Apple continues to ignore the huge gap in its product line, more of these will pop up and/or more people will look elsewhere to fulfill their needs. As for me, my next Mac will be a PC.


I totally agree with Voltaic, Firstly macs product line is over priced and has massive wholes in it, yes they have the best look and best quality, but why do they over price it, why pay a premium for a dual core mac when you can get the same spec quad core pc on the market.

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