Mac OS X: Opening Spotlight Results in Finder

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I use Spotlight all of the time. I love it more than I love coffee. OK, I’m completely lying on that one, mostly because I wouldn’t go crazy and kill you all if someone took Spotlight away from me. But I do love it.


My sleep-addled brain made me do this.


However, one of the behaviors that I find frustrating is that clicking on an item from within the Spotlight search window automatically opens it when I’d much rather show that item’s location in the Finder. Luckily, though, if you simply hold down the Command key before you click on a search result in Spotlight, the file will show in the Finder rather than opening. And because I know that, I need a little less mayhem-preventing coffee.



Some related uses of the command key:

Command-click any Dock item to reveal it in the Finder. I no longer keep the Applications folder in my Dock since command-clicking any application, running or not, opens the Applications folder.

Same goes for items on menus that pop up when you control-click or click-and-hold on a docked folder, command-click reveals them instead of opening them.

I haven’t tried these, but I bet that command-clicking a recent document, application or folder in the Apple menu, or an item on the menu that appears when you command-click a window’s title bar, would reveal said items in the Finder.


I use the “Show All” line in Spotlight to produce a list of all documents found.  In that list, if you click on any, it will show the path.  Just another way to the same end.


Command-R (for reveal) works as well, for the keyboard-inclined. You can use the up and down arrows to navigate the list.

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