Mac OS X: Turning Off Volume Change Sounds

The sound that plays whenever I adjust the volume on my Mac bothers me to no end. Yes, I’m lowering my volume. No, you don’t need to inform me of this with a weird squirty clicking sound. I’ve turned mine off, and with this tip, I’m hoping you will, too. Don’t worry, though—I’ll still mostly love you even if you don’t. Mostly.

So to switch off this wretched abuse of an alert sound, go to System Preferences and choose the Sound pane. Click on the Sound Effects tab, and then deselect “Play feedback when volume is changed.” 

As an aside, the second most terrible use of sound effects (to me, anyway) is the iOS keyboard click. To make it so that all you hear when you’re typing on your iPhone is blessed silence, go to Settings > Sounds. Then scroll to the very bottom and toggle the “Keyboard Clicks” preference off. (On the iPad, it’s under General > Sounds.) Ah, much better.

For the love of Pete, please turn this off.