Mac OS X: Using Address Book’s Notes

Most of my Address Book cards have notes I’ve added to them, like what my pal Jack has named his puppy or what Janice’s favorite flavor of ice cream is. Don’t laugh—that’s useful information practically 1 percent of the time! You never know when it’s appropriate to seem creepy by remembering the minutiae of your contacts’ lives. 

Or, you know, you could be weird and make note of relevant, useful stuff instead. Whatever floats your boat.

However you use Address Book’s notes, adding them may be easier than you think. Did you know that you don’t have to click on the Edit button to add notes to your contacts? Just place your cursor in there and start typing, and your edits are automatically saved.

This is also true for your iOS devices. You don’t need to enter into Edit mode to add information to the Notes section—just tap and type. 

This even works in Snow Leopard. See? It couldn’t be simpler to remember which was your boss’s favorite episode of Mama’s Family.