Mac Shutdown X Update Adds New Restart Options, More

Tension Software announced the release of Mac Shutdown X 1.4 on Wednesday, an app that allows users to shutdown unattended Mac machines. the new version adds new restart options and other new features.

With Mac Shutdown X, users can shut their Macs down on a scheduled plan, date, or time, when a generic file is removed or moved on a hard disk, when a download is finished using Safari, Firefox, Camino, or Netscape, or through iCal.

New n this release:

  • Redesign of the setting area
  • New method of restart by 'Web Keyword' (a keyword inside a remote web page can launch the restart, from one to an unlimited number of remote Macs)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Internal Engine improvements
  • New user guide included

Mac Shutdown X is available for US$20 through the company’s Web site.

Mac Shutdown Screen Shot