MacBook Air Update Rumored for Late June

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Apple’s MacBook Air may be set for a refresh near the end of June. Anonymous industry sources claim Quanta will be supplying most of Apple’s inventory, and that the ultra-thin laptop will be switching to low voltage Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.

MacBook AirApple’s MacBook Air may get a performance boost this month

Along with more powerful processors, the new MacBook Air will apparently also include updated Intel graphics chips, and may include the new high speed Thunderbolt port, too, according to the Economic Times (English translation).

Quanta will be shipping about 380,000 units for the month with other suppliers bringing the total number of MacBook Airs shipping in June up to 460,000. About 55 percent of the units shipped are expected to be 11.6-inch models, and the remaining 45 percent will be 13.3-inch units.

Apple hasn’t confirmed that a MacBook Air update is on the way, so for now reports of new models coming in June should be treated as yet another rumor.

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Throw in a 3G radio and we have a netbook killer! (Maybe an iPad killer too?) Then again, they’d have to continue to deal with AT&T an Verizon, so with their K.I.S.S. mentality, it’ll never happen.

Would be cool though… (I know, I know, get a dongle, Mifi or equivalent)

Matthew B. Howell

I seem to recall a news story from Mac Observer, a few days ago, that quoted a Twitter source as stating this same Macbook Air refresh was happening today.

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