MacBook Pro Supplies Tighten, Pointing to Refresh

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Availability of Apple’s MacBook Pro has become constrained, especially the 15- and 17-inch models, leading to the likelihood that the laptop is due for an imminent refresh. Mac Rumors noted: “At least one major retail chain has reportedly notified its branches that it has been unable to fulfill replenishment orders, a situation that has been tied to forthcoming product updates in the past.”

The previous MacBook Pro update came last April. New models are expected to use Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor, and Mac Rumors thinks Apple might “adopt some aspects of the its successfully revamped MacBook Air in order to improve performance and reduce size and weight.”



Lee Dronick

Of course new MacBook Pro models are forthcoming, we bought two of them last year.


Sir Harry, but at least you can unscrew them!!

Lee Dronick

Sir Harry, but at least you can unscrew them!!

I better be able to unscrew them, I sure can screw them up smile

A lighter weight MacBook Pro would be welcome. I really debated getting the MacBook Air, but it didn’t have enough ports and no optical drive. However, since getting mine last summer I have used the optical drive once and that was to install Creative Suite; All other installs have been downloaded or over the network. I don’t use the ports much because I print over the network, but I use the SD Slot frequently.

My wife schlepps her MacBook Pro more than I do, but she didn’t like the feel of the MacBook Air.

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