MacBU Celebrates 10 Years with 1336 Stickies

It may have passed quietly outside of Redmond, WA, but Microsoftis Mac Business Unit celebrated ten years of life as the largest Mac development team outside of Apple Tuesday, and they did it with 1336 stickies. Three team members put together a pixel-art schematic of the Mac Office icons -- using Excel on the Mac and all those stickies -- and then posted them in the MacBUis office window for all to see.

David Weiss, a member of the MacBU, posted a blog entry that includes an interview with the folks that did it, as well as the process they went through to design a project like this in Excel. The post also includes screenshots from Excel and some photos of the end result.

TMOis favorite quote from the post has to be from Matt Elggren, who said, "I was up until 1 AM. I couldnit sleep because of the excitement! I always wanted to know what it was like to be a video card, and well, now I know."

A photo as posted on the MacBU blog.

Happy birthday, MacBU!