MacHEADS: The Movie Trailer Posted

MacHeads is producing a documentary about the Apple user community and their enthusiasm for Appleis products. A trailer for the movie has been posted.

According to the Website, "MacHeads is a documentary about fanaticism and unconditional devotion to a corporate brand. The film reveals the fascinating characters that make up the Macintosh community. Their stories take us on a journey through Mac history leading up to the Apple revolution and to its present day popularity to pose the ultimate question: Is Apple losing faith as a community and becoming just a ... brand?"

MacHEADS: the movie

As the Website explains, the movie features interviews with Mac addicts including Raines Cohen, Guy Kawasaki, Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt, Shawn King, Adam Engst, Leander Kahney, Andy Ihnatko, Daniel Kottke the first official employee of Apple Inc. and many others.

Perhaps the most burning issue raised by the trailer, however, is, would a Mac user knowingly sleep with a Windows user?