Mackie Master Fader v4 Adds Split View & Real Time Analyzer to iPad-Controlled Mixers

Mackie Wednesday released Master Fader version 4, the app used to control their DL-series iPhone- and iPad-controlled mixers. The update adds a slew of new features including real-time analyzers on all outputs, the ability to copy and paste channel settings, split view support for compatible iPads, iPad Pro support, an enhanced iPhone UI and much more. Additionally, version 4 now consolidates the My Fader and Master Fader functionality into one app, making updates easier for people using both iPhones and iPads.

The beauty of Mackie’s DL-Series mixers is that software updates like this are possible due to the fact that the mixers' “control surfaces” are simply the touchscreens of our iPhones and iPads. This means the DL806, DL1608 and DL32R can receive truly brand new features without any changes to the hardware at all.

The real-time analyzer has been a highly-requested feature from DL-Series users and adds a missing element to the mixers' feature set. Having a digital mixer means musicians and sound engineers can save time setting up at shows by recalling previous settings. The RTA fits right in with that, literally showing the user which frequencies are feeding back, shortening the time it takes to tune the main loudspeakers or stage monitors during setup in a new room.

The real-time analyzer's red bars show the frequencies that are feeding back,
making it quick and simple to drop those frequencies in the EQ, easily reducing the feedback.

Master Fader v4 is a completely separate app from Master Fader v3, which means no one will get updated accidentally — a problem that plagued Mackie users when previous updates were released. Simply download the new app from the App Store (it’s free) and your iPad will prompt you to perform a 15-minute firmware update on your mixer the next time you launch. It will import your settings from v3 and should be good to go after the firmware update. Master Fader v4 requires iOS 8 or later and must be installed on all devices that will be interacting with the same mixer.