Releases 8 Final Cut Pro X Tutorials

Final Cut Pro X TutorialApple just released Final Cut Pro X on Tuesday of this week, but the folks at are already ready with eight different training videos for the new software. Developed for the site by Michael Wohl, one of the original developers of Final Cut Pro itself, the eight tutorials range from an overview to how to work with media, editing timeline, audio, effects, color, and exporting. offers training tutorials on more than 50 professional (and some consumer) content creation applications for the Mac, including Final Cut Pro, Logic, Live, Reason, Dreamweaver, Aperture, Photoshop, and the like. The tutorials are professionally made and are usually hosted by professionals in the relevant industry like Michael Wohl.

The eight Final Cut Pro X tutorials released so far:

The videos are priced at US$19.50 each if you want to buy and download HD versions of them individually, or you can buy them as a package for $68.25. They are also available to subscribers of macProVideo’s streaming service.

The site has also published an interview with Michael Wohl talking about Final Cut Pro X, including comments about missing features that have put some users of the software on tilt, as well as comments about improvements introduced into the editing solution.