MacVoices TV Posts Video from Cirque du Mac 6.0 & Macworld All Star Band

MacVoices TV has posted a video of the Macworld All Star Band at Cirque du Mac 6.0. MacVoices TV is the video arm of Chuck Joiner's MacVoices podcasting empire, and Mr. Joiner posted this video compilation of moments from band's performance at the party.

For full disclosure's sake, Dave Hamilton, Bob LeVitus, and Bryan Chaffin (this reporter) of The Mac Observer are all three in the band, along with Chris Breen of Macworld, Paul Kent of IDG, Chuck La Tournous of RandomMaccess, and Duane Straub (Mac nerd extraordinaire).

You'll also find an appearance by Andy Ihnatko singing and dancing. That's singing and dancing, so be sure to check it out.

The Cirque du Mac party has become something of a Big Deal™ over the years, and this video from MacVoices TV is one of the first videos of any significant length we've seen from many years of throwing the party.

Screenshot from MacVoices TV video
A screen shot from the video with Dave Hamilton, Paul Kent, and Bob LeVitus (in order)