Macworld 2012 Hotel Deal - Upgraded Rooms At The InterContinental

Short version: Book first, then { title=email us your confirmation number}. Relax and enjoy!

The History

You’ve come to know TMO as the place where you can find hotel deals for Macworld | iWorld Expo. This year we’re here again for you with the same great deal we had last year at the fantastic (and fantastically-close-and-convenient) InterContinental San Francisco. We all stayed here last year, and if you were there with us I think you’ll agree with our assessment. The InterContinental is a great place, the high-speed Internet was, well, high-speed, and it’s less than 300 steps door-to-door from The InterContinental to Moscone West. You don’t even have to cross a street.

The Deal

Pricing during Macworld Expo at The InterContinental is US$225 per night, and it’s worth it. Unfortunately, because this is also the main Headquarters Hotel for Macworld Expo, we are unable to get you an advertised price discount — and we need to be able to advertise what we’re doing with them otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this here! As such, we’ve worked out a different deal. That $225 gets you the same hotel and same free/included high-speed Internet that you get through the normal deal but ours is one notch better: If you book through TMO’s special link, you are guaranteed to get an upgraded room. Your initial confirmation will not reflect this, but the hotel has assured us that this is the case. If it makes you feel better, please { title=email us your confirmation number} and we’ll follow-up with the hotel right before the show to ensure you’re well taken care of.

But Wait, There’s More!

The folks at The InterContinental really want to make sure TMO’s readers and listeners get special treatment, and so we’re continuing to work with them to add something even more to the offer here. Trust that whatever we add, anyone with an existing reservation will reap the same rewards. To start with a sweetened pot, each person booking a room through this deal and emailing us your confirmation number will get two free tickets to our Cirque du Mac party at the show.

Book today, send us { title=your confirmation number}, and then we’ll see you at Macworld | iWorld Expo!