Macworld Road Trip: Mobile World Congress

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Macworld Expo has teamed up with Mobile World Congress to bring iOS developer training to the Barcelona-based event in February 2011.

“The Macworld Mobile iOS Developer Conference will provide full-day, in-depth training on this critical platform, with technical sessions, targeting tools and applications specifically designed for mobile application developers and engineers,” Mobile World Congress organizers said in a statement.

Macworld Expo is the annual trade show and expo event organized by IDG to offer training, socializing and access to Apple-related product developers for casual and professional Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod users.

Mobile World Congress 2011 will be held in Barcelona from February 14 through February 17, 2011. Macworld Expo is scheduled for January 27 through January 29, 2011, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.



I have two tips for people going to the Mobile World Congress:

1. Take the Ayre Gran Via hotel. It is only minutes walking from where the congress will take place AND it is a very nicely designed, clean hotel. I stayed there as a tourist for a week and I liked the atmosphere there.

2. Try - this site will create an automatic itinerary for Barcelona, presenting you all interesting attractions in the city including good places to eat, museums and other things worth seeing. The cool thing about it is that after your trip days are being generated and presented on a map, you can tell it what places you would/wouldn’t like to visit and will recalculate the routs on the fly!

The good thing about it is that it gives you an instant overview of Barcelona and its attractions - you don’t have to read a book (travel guide) to get to know the city.

I know it saved me time when I planned my trip back then.
Oh, almost forgot the best - you can save your personalized routs and watch them later from your mobile while traveling! grin

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