Macworld|iWorld Party List provides comprehensive look at after-expo events

The Hess Memorial Party List has been updated to include a comprehensive list of parties, meet-ups and other non-official expo events. Now in its 16th year of publication, curator Ilene Hoffman calls the list “the only source for all events and press functions held during the 2012 Macworld|iWorld week.”

The list includes events like sponsored parties, press events, group meet-ups, feature presentations and more and is updated daily. Groups with events to add can contact Ilene through the site.

The Hess Memorial Party List is dedicated to Robert Hess, an associate editor at MacWEEK who passed away on January 12, 1996 from complications due to pneumonia. Hess was the founder of the original party list.

Hess Memorial 2012 Macworld|iWorld/MacIT Party List