Madden NFL 10 (Officially) Kicks Off at the App Store


Just in time for this week's start of the NFL season, EA Mobile has released Madden NFL 10 at the App Store. Featuring color commentary from ex-Oakland Raiders coach and former telecast commentator John Madden, the game allows players to take the reins of any NFL team -- complete with real players -- and guide it through a season, including the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Madden NFL 10, which features around 300 plays, takes advantage of the iPhone's multi-touch interface by allowing players to draw hot routes for receivers on the screen and slow down the gameplay speed to allow time for making decisions. Between games, players can tweak their depth charts, sign free agents, and even trade members of their rosters.

TV announcers Tom Hammond and Cris Collinsworth, who played wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, join Madden in the broadcast booth. Madden NFL 10 is on sale for US$7.99 until the NFL season kicks off at 8:30 PM EST on Thursday, September 10. iPhone OS 2.2.1 is required.