Madrid Apple Store Construction Uncovers 15th Century Hospital

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Construction on Apple's flagship store in Madrid uncovered a special find: A 15th century hospital. The Buen Suceso hospital, along with a church next door, were torn down in 1854 to make room for a public square and the location was later the home of the Paris Hotel.

Walls from a 15th century hospital in the basement of Apple's newest Madrid storeWalls from a 15th century hospital in the basement of Apple's newest Madrid store
Image Credit: El País

Workers uncovered part of the hospital's walls durring renovations in what will become the basement level in the new Apple store. Finding the ruins wasn't a big surprise since remains from the Buen Suceso church next door were uncovered in 2009 during construction on the Sol Metro and Cercanías light rail station, according to El País.

While the walls from the church are now protected behind glass panels and visible to the public, the hospital walls will be covered up and their location traced on the Apple store floor at the request of the Madrid Heritage Department. The department also said that Apple should include some kind of plaque or informational marker to note the hospital walls.

Apple hasn't said if the store's basement level will be storage or open to the public, so there isn't any word yet on who will get to see the Buen Suceso wall outlines once it opens later this year.

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Finding old ruins like this is awesome, and it's nice to see that the location of the hospital walls will be outlined on the Apple Store floor. Time marches on, but offering up a little remembrance to the past, especially in a city with such a rich history, is pretty cool.



It’d be nice if Apple left the basement open to the public.

Maybe a fresco on the wall of Jobs, Wozniak & Ives getting the good word from God ?

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