Magic Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad get Rechargeable Batteries, More

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Along with new iMacs, Apple upgraded its Magic Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad on Tuesday. The new versions include built-in rechargeable batteries, and the Magic Trackpad 2 includes Force Touch support.

Apple's redesigned Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and MouseApple's redesigned Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and Mouse

The new Magic Keyboard 2 uses the same scissor mechanism Apple introduced on its laptop lineup, and reduced the overall footprint by 13 percent without changing the key sizes. Most of that size reduction comes from removing the original keyboard's tube-shaped battery compartment.

The Magic Mouse 2 weighs less and comes with a redesigned foot layout that Apple says offers a smoother glide. The Magic Trackpad 2 is 29 percent larger than the original model and includes Force Touch support, which means Macs that didn't ship with the redesigned trackpad built in can add the feature to their laptop or desktop Mac.

The new devices include a lightning to USB charger cable, and pair automatically when plugged into your Mac. Apple says they'll run for about a month between charges. The Magic Keyboard 2 and Magic Mouse 2 are included with all new iMacs, too.

All of the new Magic accessories are available today. Magic Keyboard 2 is priced at US$99, Magic Mouse 2 costs $79, and Magic Trackpad 2 costs $129.

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Lee Dronick

I am not sure what I like better. Having the batteries built in or replaceable AA batteries that can, “ahem”, be replaced when they are no longer holding a charge for a long time. Maybe the batteries in the new devices are not soldered in and can be replaced.


Apple says they’ll run for about a month between charges.

Hope so. I have a Belkin Bluetooth keyboard and it seems to be dead every time I want to use it. Same with the Bluetooth mice I’ve used over the years. Never could rely on them to be there. Kinda put me off Bluetooth devices completely. Say what you want about the hassle of a corded mouse or keyboard, but they always work.


On the longevity issue: my 1998 iMac’s USB keyboard still works. I use it on the Raspberry PI that I plug into my TV sometimes.

On the new keyboards: the reason I use the wired keyboard is because I like the numpad. It’s just annoying to have to use the number key row when I’m so much faster at the 10-key layout. It would also be annoying to buy a separate 10-key pad because then there would be two things to push around my desk. Apple doesn’t seem to care. They want to cover the 90% case—where most people don’t know how to use a 10-key or don’t have much reason to—and push relentlessly towards smaller and thinner.

Note that the 1998 iMac keyboard which I mentioned above has a pretty small profile AND has a 10-key numpad on it. I kinda wish they would go back to that approach.

Graham McKay

I foresee a large percentage of users leaving the “charging” cable plugged in for the keyboard & trackpad, maybe also for the mouse if the cable is long enough.


@Graham McKay

the charging port on the Mighty Mouse is on the underside, so I’d say folks won’t be leaving that plugged in….

Graham McKay

Yeah, so I see. That’d be a bloody nuisance if the mouse has completely discharged - you have to wait for at least a certain amount of time to recharge before you can use it :-(

Lee Dronick

That’d be a bloody nuisance if the mouse has completely discharged - you have to wait for at least a certain amount of time to recharge before you can use it

It is a ploy so that we will buy a spare mouse smile

That is why I like the AA battery design, either rechargeable one or disposable.  I use the rechargeable ones and have a dozen on hand for flashlight, TV remotes and such. AAA too

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