Making Palm Apps On Your Mac: Metrowerks Updates CodeWarrior For Palm OS

Metrowerks has released CodeWarrior for Palm, version 8. CodeWarrior is the companyis line of development tools and CodeWarrior for Palm allows developers to develop Palm OS applications on a Mac or Windows machine. The new version includes a host of new features and other improvements. According to Metrowerks:

Today Metrowerks began shipping CodeWarrior( for Palm OS(r) platform, Version 8.0, development tools, the industry-leading commercial applications toolset for Palm OS(r) platform and Springboard( module developers. CodeWarrior tools provide everything commercial developers need to get their Palm OS applications to market quickly, including: an editor, project manager, C/C++ compiler, linker, emulator and target device interface that enables source and assembly level debugging -- all within a single, integrated, fully customizable, and extensible development environment.

According to a Gartner Group report published on October 1st, 2001, Metrowerks owns 80% of the market for Palm OS tools. The latest version of CodeWarrior tools provides the power to develop applications in a Macintosh or Windows environment for any Palm Powered( device, including those from Palm, Inc., Symbol Technologies, Handspring, Handera, Sony, Kyocera, and IBM, as well as for any of the new Palm OS based smartphones available now from Handspring, Kyocera and Samsung.

New features in version 8.0 include:

  • Project wizards automate the creation of new applications for even greater ease of use and productivity
  • Enhanced C++ compiler enables larger, more complex programs without introducing code penalties
  • Expanded Mode allows C++ virtual tables and exception tables to be located in the storage heap leaving more room for dynamic data structures and global variables
  • Enhanced debugger features support for USB-based device debugging, reducing development time
  • Completely integrated API documentation provides a comprehensive Palm OS knowledge base at your fingertips
  • A new version of the CodeWarrior integrated development environment with numerous updates and additional features
  • A new 100+ page tutorial included with the product and a free online course at allow newer Palm OS platform developers an easy way to jump-start their project.

Version 8.0 of the CodeWarrior tools provide increased support for Springboard module development, allowing Springboard developers to create ROM images for Springboard flash memory directly from CodeWarrior. The new CardUpdaterMaker stationery enables developers to easily create an Updater application for a Springboard module.

We asked Metrowerks about Mac OS X compatibility and were told:

Currently, you can only develop in Mac OS X in classic mode. All of the Metrowerks components are carbonized, but we are waiting for the PalmRez Post Linker to be carbonized by Palm for a full solution. Palm has announced that the carbonized post linker is in beta testing and should be available with a patch they will put out in the next few weeks. Then there will be a full working solution for Palm development in native Mac OS X.

The bottom line being that one can code Palm apps in Mac OS X with CodeWarrior for Palm OS, version 8, but only from within Classic.

You can find more information on the new product at Metrowerkis Web site. CodeWarrior for Palm 8.0 is priced at US$499 per license. Owners of version 7 can upgrade for US$199 until November 3rd, after which it will be priced at US$249. The company is also offering upgrade pricing for owners of earlier versions. Education pricing is set at US$119, US$75 for an upgrade.