Manage iBooks Collections in iOS

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iBooks 1.2 for iOS introduced Collections, but actually creating and managing them is just a bit tricky. Here’s how.

If you have a mix of books on your original iBooks bookshelf and want to create Collections, you’ll be creating new, named bookshelves.

1. Touch the Collections button on the top left. You’ll see the default Collections: Books and PDFs.

2. Touch “New.” It looks like you’re creating a new file type, and this could be confusing. You’re actually just creating a Collection name, like “Mysteries” or “SciFi.” Touch “Done” after you’ve entered the Collection name.


3. Back on your bookshelf, do this:

  • Touch “Edit”
  • Touch the book of interest to highlight it
  • Touch “Move”
  • Touch the Collection of interest that you created in Step #2. (See the prompt at the top of the bookshelf.) You’ll see the book icon fly into the new Collection with a cute animation.


4. Swipe right or left to see a new bookshelf with the new Collection and your selected book moved there. Note the Collection name is at the top of the bookshelf.


When you updated to iBooks 1.2, the app may have moved any PDF books you had to the PDF Collection. They’re not gone; just swipe the bookshelf right or left to see the PDF Collection amongst all the others. 


John Martellaro

Muddling file types, PDFs and eBooks, with the Collection names seems like a bad idea to me.  Sometimes simplicity can be carried to a fault by Apple.

Brian Platts

Great! Now all we need is for Apple to offer a decent selection in its store so we don’t have to go to Amazon for the latest best sellers!

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